Automatic Feedback for Sellers

This is one of the best ways to keep you informed after your home is shown. The personalized automatic feedback system for sellers!

It’s easy to use the system.

Here is how it will work:

Every time an agent requests an appointment to show your property to a prospective buyer, the pertinent details for the showing are collected and entered the showing data entry System. The name, agent ID and company of the showing agent, along with all of their contact information are entered into this system. The time and day of the requested showing is also logged into the system. When your listing is initially set up in this showing data system you choose how you want to be contacted, they can call, text or email you the request. This is very helpful especially if you are at work and cannot receive phone calls, you can easily reply by text or email. After you reply your comments are noted and your reply will be sent to the agent requesting the showing. You listing agent and our company will receive a notice that your home is scheduled to be shown detailing the day and time of the showing and who is showing it.

After your home is shown the showing agent will automatically receive a computer generated email requesting that they send feedback pertaining to the showing.

Once received, these comments are automatically entered into the system and you the (homeowner) will be sent the feedback via email. You will also have access to go to the site at any time to review any future showings or past feedback from every potential purchaser who has viewed your home. You can also view the status of pending feedback.

You will receive private online access to the Home Feedback System. You will be able to access the site (24 hours a day)

How can this be of help to you?

  1. You’ll get direct feedback from prospective buyers of your home allowing you to correct & make adjustments to any misconceptions about your home or improve on different aspects of the way your home shows BEFORE they impact negatively on the sale of your home.
  2. The system logs all the contact information of the agents that have entered your home.
  3. Not only will you get far superior customer service, but your home can sell faster and may even sell at a higher price.
  4. It saves you time.



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