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For many people buying a home is the largest purchase they will make in their lifetime. Buying or selling a home takes time. Time for a home to be marketed, and time to facilitate the progression of the transaction. The Real Estate transaction can be complicated and complex.

Real Estate is our business all day all the time. We understand and realize that Selling or buying a home can be very emotional. We as Realtors help provide you with guidance and objectivity and keep you focused. Having a professional on your side will help you in many ways.

Most people don’t realize the amount of effort and time that is required throughout the Real Estate transaction process. Many times they think they can do it alone without the help of a licensed professional. They soon find out how quickly they tire and their patience runs out.
Buyers back off from searching and take breaks.

Sellers stop trying to sell FSBO “by owner”, and reach out to Realtors for help.

There are many forms, disclosures and a lot of paper work to be filled out and handled throughout A Real Estate transaction. There are inspections and searches.

There are many laws, rules and regulations in the Real Estate Industry which often change. A Realtor will be up to date with the latest regulations and laws. And will help you avoid problems and mistakes.

  • Realtors have access to other professionals who will also be part of your transaction. Together, making sure everything is in order and glides along smoothly.
  • Realtors even speak their own language. If understanding terminology like co-op shares, FSBOS, CMA’s, easements, variance, PUD or a DD214 seems confusing to you. You should work with someone who speaks and understands that language.
  • Realtors have access to a large amount of inventory.
  • Realtors understand the current market.
  • Realtors offer flexible services.

Need advice regarding Real Estate? Would you like to work with a Realtor? Please contact us today, we will be very happy to help you reach your goals. We will work comfortably with you at your own pace. We love helping people, for 30 years we have made many new friends along the way. We would love to make you one of them.



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